Personal Services


Supplies, groceries, gifts, pick up & delivery

Post Office Services

Including FedEx & UPS pick up & delivery

Waiting for Service Providers

Can be there to wait for the handyman, electrician, cable guy, etc.

Laundry & Drycleaning

Pick up & Drop off, no I won't wash them myself and absolutely NO ironing!

Prescription Pick Up

Including Health food supply pick up & delivery

Meals or COFFEE or DONUTS! Delivered

Would you like to order from a local restaurant that does not deliver?  How about sending a friend or loved one their favorite cup of coffee or donuts during the work week?

Special Occasions Delivery

Cakes, party platters, gifts (I'll wrap them too) flowers

Returns, Refunds or Exchanges

Let's face it, who likes to stand in line for that? This includes video and library drop offs

Forgotten Items

We all forget things from time to time.  Did you leave your phone at home & need it delivered to your work?  Important paperwork forgotten?  Children's homework or lunch?


YES!  I will take your beloved "gentle & manageable" pet to their appointment

At Go2Guy Service we understand that there is only one of YOU and sometimes a little help is necessary to get through the day. Utilizing our personal errand service can help you stay on task, save money and find a little more of what is precious...your TIME

If you are in need of a service that is not listed above please feel free to ask!  We're open to new ideas!

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